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  1. Kutmah shows his record bag

  2. Ode to Joy - Frank O’Hara

    We shall have everything we want and there’ll be no more dying
    on the pretty plains or in the supper clubs
    for our symbol we’ll acknowledge vulgar materialistic laughter
    over an insatiable sexual appetite
    and the streets will be filled with racing forms
    and the photographs of murderers and narcissists and movie stars
    will swell from the walls and books alive in steaming rooms
    to press against our burning flesh not once but interminably
    as water flows down hill into the full-lipped basin
    and the adder dives for the ultimate ostrich egg
    and the feather cushion preens beneath a reclining monolith
    that’s sweating with post-exertion visibility and sweetness
    near the grave of love
    No more dying


    We shall see the grave of love as a lovely sight and temporary
    near the elm that spells the lovers’ names in roots
    and there’ll be no more music but the ears in lips and no more wit
    but tongues in ears and no more drums but ears to thighs
    as evening signals nudities unknown to ancestors’ imaginations
    and the imagination itself will stagger like a tired paramour of ivory
    under the sculptural necessities of lust that never falters
    like a six-mile runner from Sweden or Liberia covered with gold
    as lava flows up and over the far-down somnolent city’s abdication
    and the hermit always wanting to be lone is lone at last
    and the weight of external heat crushes the heat-hating Puritan
    whose self-defeating vice becomes a proper sepulcher at last
    that love may live


    Buildings will go up into the dizzy air as love itself goes in
    and up the reeling life that it has chosen for once or all
    while in the sky a feeling of intemperate fondness will excite the birds
    to swoop and veer like flies crawling across absorbed limbs
    that weep a pearly perspiration on the sheets of brief attention
    and the hairs dry out that summon anxious declaration of the organs
    as they rise like buildings to the needs of temporary neighbors
    pouring hunger through the heart to feed desire in intravenous ways
    like the ways of gods with humans in the innocent combination of light
    and flesh or as the legends ride their heroes through the dark to found
    great cities where all life is possible to maintain as long as time
    which wants us to remain for cocktails in a bar and after dinner
    lets us live with it
    No more dying

  3. Next Wednesday! 
Preparation in full swing. Next Wednesday! 
Preparation in full swing.
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    Next Wednesday! 

    Preparation in full swing.

  4. Planningtorock  All Love’s Legal

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  5. Jessy Lanza - Keep Moving

  6. Golden Glow - The Scene

  7. Darkstar - Amplified Ease

  8. More work in progress More work in progress
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    More work in progress